Senior NES Consultant

MediRecruit is seeking a senior/experienced NES consultant in Melbourne. 

About the Role:

The vocational consultant role consists of the following duties and expectations:

  • facilitating an early return to work of the worker through various RTW activities
  • assessing the worker’s transferrable skills and potential through transferrable skills assessments, vocational counselling, motivational interviewing and reviewing appropriate retraining / courses that will lead to immediate employment outcomes
  • preparation of the worker to seek and obtain suitable new employment via various agreed methods
  • negotiating a job placement strategy that outlines job placement goals to meet the worker’s needs
  • setting expectations with workers in order to develop agreed goals in order to achieve RTW outcomes
  • facilitating job search and placement support for job seekers via various methods 
  • assisting key parties to manage the Victorian Workers Compensation System to ensure a safe return to work including providing a high level of customer service between insurers, workers and new employers
  • meeting KPI expectations of at least $15K per month (achieved through placements and services)
  • Achieving a minimum of 1 new employment placement per month (expected to commence following initial 3 months of commencing role)

Essential Qualifications and Experience:

  • A minimum of 2+ years Occupational Rehabilitation / Employment Services / Recruitment, Case Management or related industry experience
  • Qualifications in a related field including: occupational rehabilitation, psychology, allied health, human resources and community services are highly favoured
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, able to liaise with all stakeholders
  • problem solving, conflict resolution skills, strong computer skills (Microsoft Word, data entry), strong report writing skills
  • Knowledge of Victorian Worksafe Laws and Relevant Acts (I.e. Worksafe New Employer Services program guidelines)

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For more information, please apply via your CV, and one of our Healthcare Specialists will call you for a confidential discussion.