8 March 2023 Workshop – Understanding Pain, with Anjelo Ratnachandra

Physiotherapist, Counsellor, and Founder of Beyond Pain, Anjelo Ratnachandra has extensive experience, having worked with chronic illnesses for almost two decades. He established one of the first private chronic pain and fatigue physiotherapy services in Australia, and his unique set of skills has led him to contribute towards numerous research papers in pain management and become the author of the popular self-guiding book Beyond Pain, which has reached over 13 countries.

Anjelo’s upcoming workshop Understanding Pain, will be looking at a unique way of explaining pain to clients, understanding the biopsychosocial approach utilising his disability model, and exploring best practice pain management. This workshop is suitable for clinicians, case managers, RTW / Occ Rehab consultants and injury management advisors.

It will run on 8th March 2023 via Zoom and there are limited places due to the practical components.

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