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Introducing the Christina Stephens Inclusive Clothing Collection II in 2021!

16 July , 2021

A snapshot of what it took to release the second inclusive clothing collection from Founder Jessie Sadler…  The past year has been one of trials for many. 2020 was the year ‘COVID’ became a household word, and everyone was affected in one way or another. It was also the year 

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Christina Stephens – Adaptive Clothing

11 December , 2020

Give your patients something special in 2021 Unless you have some pretty special crystal ball gazing skills, 2020 has likely thrown a few curve balls at you, and your patients.  Christina Stephens is giving you the opportunity to stand out in your field and give your patients MORE… More options, 

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Give Your Patients Next-level Care

29 September , 2020

Christina Stephens “So much of the stuff that people with disabilities are provided or offered is quite bland, there is no sense of style. It is like you’re walking around carrying a hospital with you,” says Michelle Roger, Christina Stephens Unique Women Unique Stories September feature. This is exactly why 

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Real Pretty Kind

19 August , 2020

Have you heard about Real Pretty Kind? Real Pretty Kind is a streetwear + lifestyle label for 8-14 year olds designed by Katie Rockliff to empower tweens at an exciting physical, emotional and intellectual step change in life. RPK's positive and holistic premise is a much needed go-to in our 

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