S2E11: Employment Hero, HR and Payroll Platform, with Jessica Maclennan

Episode 11 of Allied Health Podcast is brought to you by Employment Hero, a HR and payroll platform for small to medium sized businesses with big ambitions. Employment hero is designed as a smarter way to manage people, payroll and productivity. Since its inception in 2014, Employment Hero has experienced enormous growth and after taking Australia by storm, is now set to take on the rest of the world, launching internationally in New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore. Jessica Maclennan, Account Executive, talks to healthcare business owners about the perks of using Employment Hero to save time, money and streamline HR and payroll systems.

Season 2 of Allied Health Podcast covers the diverse career opportunities available in healthcare across Community/ NDIS, Aged Care, Private Practice, Healthcare Sales, Occupational Rehab, Injury Management & On-Site Services + Working in the UK!

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