S2E10: Lina Breik, Founder and Lead at Tube Dietitian

Episode 10 of Allied Health Podcast is brought to you by Tube Dietitian, an agile community tube feeding service that puts a person’s goals in the center of nutrition care. Tube Dietitian bridges the gap between hospital and home for tube fed patients. They offer home visits and video consult reviews as often as patients need, to reach their nutrition goals and feel confident with their feeding tube.

Lina Breik is a Senior Accredited Practising Dietitian with a decade of Australian hospital experience in tube feeding. She is the Founder and Lead Dietitian at Tube Dietitian. Lina has a particular passion in helping those with a disability nourish their bodies well through their feeding tube.

Season 2 of Allied Health Podcast covers the diverse career opportunities available in healthcare across Community/ NDIS, Aged Care, Private Practice, Healthcare Sales, Occupational Rehab, Injury Management & On-Site Services + Working in the UK!

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