The Allied Health Podcast is a series dedicated to Allied Health Professionals that explores all things allied health from industry insights, the latest clinical trends, assistive technology, career pathways, recruitment, and so much more. Danielle Weedon, Physiotherapist and Clare Jones, Occupational Therapist share their inside knowledge gained from over 20 years’ experience in health. Whether you’re an early-career or an experienced health professional join Clare, Danielle and their guests as their share their expertise and passion.




Professional Indemnity Insurance – Do I need this as an Allied Health graduate? | Episode 13

In Episode 13 we cover Professional Indemnity Insurance – What is it and do you need it as an Allied ...
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Superannuation – All you need to know as a Therapy Graduate | Episode 12

In Episode 12, Clare runs you through to basics of Superannuation. Season 1 is dedicated to new graduate and early ...
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Q&A with Kathryn Clare, 2020 Graduate Physiotherapist working in Paediatric Disability | Episode 11

In Episode 11 Danielle talks with Kathryn Clare, 2020 Physiotherapy and Exercise and Sports Scientist graduate working in Paediatric Disability ...
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Dissecting an Allied Health Employment Contract | Episode 10

In Episode 10 Danielle and Clare give you their insights into Dissecting a Letter of Offer and Allied Health Employment ...
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Interviewing – Ultimate guide to interview success | Episode 09

In Episode 9 of Allied Health Podcast Clare and Danielle offer advice on interviews; interview types, how to prepare and ...
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Q&A with Keely Wilson, 2019 Physiotherapy graduate working in Private Practice and Pilates | Episode 08

In Episode 8 Danielle talks with Keely Wilson, 2019 Physiotherapy graduate working in Private Practice and Pilates in Melbourne. Keely ...
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