New Grad Occupational Therapists – the UK needs you!

There is currently a huge shortage of Occupational Therapists throughout the UK and Scotland and this has created an extremely high demand for Australian and New Zealand trained OTs.

In the past OTs were generally required to have between eighteen months to two years experience in order to secure locum work. However, this current shortage means that new graduates and recently qualified therapists are able to secure locum roles in NHS hospitals and the community without having to build their experience locally first.

Aussie and NZ therapists have always been well respected throughout the UK. One of the main factors towards this reputation comes from the high quality of Occupational Therapy training in both Australia and New Zealand which requires completion of a four year bachelor’s degree rather than the three year courses offered by most UK and Scottish universities. I certainly found my skills to be highly valued when I worked as an Occupational Therapist in the UK and Ireland back in 2000.

So, what are the benefits of working as a locum Occupational Therapist in the UK? My top three reasons are:

1. Professional Development → Working in a comprehensive healthcare system that services diverse demographics will expand your clinical knowledge.  I guarantee it!

2. Travel → Europe, Africa and Scandinavia are on your doorstep and are just a quick and cheap flight away.

3. Money → Locum work pays very well in the UK.  You can earn a fortune!

How MediRecruit support you:

MediRecruit are Australian based consultants with direct experience working in the UK as therapists. We guide you through the process from the start to when you arrive in the UK including assisting with HCPC and Visa applications. MediRecruit aims to have you placed in your first locum role before you leave home.

We offer a number of services to help with the transition to the UK, such as:

→  A preloaded oyster travel card and a UK SIM card

→  Help setting up a UK bank account

→  Advice on rental areas

→  Face-to-face meetings with our experienced and dedicated Central London Consultant team

→  Meet and Greet nights with opportunities to meet people in the same situation as you

→  Access to a dedicated UK based Compliance team

→  Opportunities to work in multiple locations across the UK.

If you are an Occupational Therapist and working abroad sparks your interest we look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact Clare Jones (B Occ Thy) today at or call (03) 9696 3375.

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