Cathy Love from Nacre Consulting – 5-day Business Bootcamp

Join founding director, Cathy Love for a 5-day Business Bootcamp.

Are you ready to claim greater time, money and joy from your business? Perhaps you’ve started 2022 feeling lackluster about your practice and you need that spark to help you reignite your passion again? 

As if on cue, Cathy Love from Nacre Consulting is here to inject brilliance into your business and achieve what you never thought was possible. Let’s future proof your allied health business!  

Every allied health business wants smooth systems, an outstanding team, profitable performance, and delighted clients. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for so many overwhelmed and underpaid business owners.

Nacre Consulting deeply understands your allied health business challenges and opportunities and what it really means to close your eyes and go for the business of your dreams. 

Join the founding director, Cathy Love for a 5-day Business Bootcamp to motivate you to get back into the driver’s seat, take the helm of your business and see out 2022 with more hope than when you had come into the new year. With her guidance, tips, and wisdom, there isn’t a single curveball you wouldn’t be prepared to tackle!

Here’s a snippet of what you will achieve through the bootcamp:
→ Hone your business knowledge
→ Optimise your teams’ performance
→ Affirm your purpose
→ Accelerate your results 

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll receive actionable steps to seize the next day and feel more in control of your business. PLUS you get to connect with other like-minded business owners and pick Cathy’s brain in the process! 

Secure your spot today to take advantage of this rare opportunity from a dedicated allied health business coach. Don’t just take our word for it, hear from other allied health businesses, just like you who have participated in the bootcamp: 

“Thank you to Cathy for the great 5-day boot camp. It was lovely meeting like-minded business owners and getting a plan to get off of the hamster wheel. Even the practice of setting aside 5 hours for the course highlighted how possible it was to set time aside to work on the business rather than in the business.”

Now is the time to create your brilliant business and fall in love with your craft again. 

Join Cathy on Monday 4 April at 7:30 pm AEST to kick off these bite-sized LIVE training sessions. You won’t regret this investment in yourself and your business.

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