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MediRecruit is Australia’s premier recruitment destination for leading healthcare candidates. Run by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals, the expert agency’s primary focus is to encourage candidates to discover ‘diverse careers in health’ throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Directors, Danielle Weedon and Clare Jones

Founders and Directors’ Danielle Weedon and Clare Jones both share personal experience when it comes to the importance of career diversification and the rewards of working abroad. As young qualified healthcare professionals, while locuming in the UK as a Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist, they unexpectedly discovered a career in recruitment. They were personally empowered by their university qualifications but didn’t allow them to control or define their life’s outcomes. As such, they have spent the last 20 years devoted to understanding what their candidates want from their career.

The Benefits of Working with MediRecruit

MediRecruit was established in 2001, and fast became Australia’s leading Healthcare, Injury Management and Employment Services Recruitment Consultancy. We are a dedicated team of recruiters with a background in healthcare and personal experience of working at home and abroad. We partner with you and will only recommend you apply for the positions that consider both your short and long term career aspirations.


Testimonials What they are saying about us

We have worked with MediRecruit for over 2 years. They are, by far, the most professional and friendly recruiters we have worked with, in 15 years of being in business. They are both Allied Health professionals themselves and understand the needs in this space perfectly. Could not recommend highly enough! - Irene, Director - Client
Thanks very much for all of your help! I didn't foresee heading back into work in Aus / back into the OT field to be so seamless - and I have you to thank for ensuring a smooth transition and a confidence boost as well. - Stephanie, Occupational Therapist - Candidate
Danielle has been extremely helpful and supportive around my career change. She encouraged me to take a chance which ended up being the most challenging and rewarding role of my career. I am really happy with the outcome but also with the service provided and Danielle’s responsiveness & professionalism. - Ilona, Physiotherapist - Candidate

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