2019 OTA Events

17 December 2019 – Navigating the NDIS with People who have MND

This webinar will provide information and resources to assist attendees to make the system ‘work’ for people with MND. The webinar will provide attendees with the knowledge to navigate the NDIS system with confidence when assisting people with neuropalliative rapidly progressing conditions such as MND.

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19 December 2019 – OT Coaching SIG-December

Coaching has been used in OT for the past decade and there have been some very prominent OTs that have lead the way in this area over that time. Jeanette Isaac-Young started the original OT coaching group on an international level and more recently began the Australasian OT Coaching Group.


This group is a space to:

→ Ensure that there is a place where OTs that coach or who are interested in coaching can meet on a regular basis

→ Discuss what is happening in practice

→ Gain further professional growth and knowledge in this particular area

→ Work together to help broaden the scope of Occupational Therapy

→ Allow OTs in practice to investigate the use of coaching as a skill set to further enable their clients occupational performance

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22-23 June 2020 – The OT Exchange Conference

Occupational Therapy Australia is pleased to introduce Australia’s inaugural OT Exchange, taking place on 22-23 June 2020 in Melbourne. Designed to be accessible and approachable, the OT Exchange is an inclusive event for all working within the broad spectrum that is occupational therapy. The OT Exchange will foster relationships, spread important ideas and ignite discussions amongst peers.

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