2019 ARPA Events

11 June 2019 – Motivational Interviewing – ARPA WA

ARPA WA will host a special PD event at which Lisa Irving, Clinical Psychologist (and previously Injury Management Consultant) will share her experiences and knowledge of working with workers’ compensation clients applying a Motivational Interviewing approach.

Learn how to:

→ assess your client’s readiness for change, and the best strategies to help them move in a forward direction without losing their willingness to participate.

→ refine how you phrase your interview questions and conversations which can make a real difference to the outcomes that you achieve with your clients.

Find out more and register here.


13 June 2019 – Psychological impacts of complex compensation cases – ARPA SA

ARPA SA are pleased to announce that Dr Joseph Magliaro AM will present on the Psychological impact of complex compensation claims and how rehabilitation providers can support workers with an injury and the treatment team during the claim. Join at RTWSA Adelaide, 4.00-6.00pm Thursday 13 June. Registration link below.

Over the last few years, rehabilitation professionals in South Australia have been called on with increasing frequency to assist with complex claims that have a mental health component. Dr Magliaro will discuss and take questions on how to help manage these difficult claims and how to support treatment providers.

Key points Dr Magliaro will address are:

→ What makes a case complex?

→ How do these cases present?

→ Why do some cases become complex?

→ What are some strategies in managing complex psychological injury?

Find out more and register here.


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